Supporting the Pov During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Poverello Center serves some of our most at-risk neighbors. People who are experiencing homelessness are already in crisis, and are often elderly, have chronic health conditions, are living in communal living spaces and are very much in danger because of COVID-19. Poverello Staff is working extremely hard to keep our guests safe during this time of community crisis and we need your help. Here is a list of three things you can do to support your neighbors who do not have a home.

  1. Financial Donation: We are just a few days into this crisis and the Poverello Center is already seeing increased costs. We have already had to purchase special cleaning supplies and we expect that we will be having to pay some staff overtime as other staff need to call in sick. This will stretch our already tight budget. Click here to donate.

  2. Donate Food & Cleaning Supplies: One of our top priorities is making sure we can keep our soup kitchen open and that we can keep the Poverello Center as clean as possible. Food donations will be critically important over the next several weeks. We can take any non-perishable food as well as food that was prepared in a commercial kitchen. (Sorry, we cannot take any home-baked goods, even though they are delicious.) We can also use cleaning supplies like bleach wipes, hand sanitizer, liquid cleaner.

    When bringing your donation to the Poverello Center we will be happy to meet you outside to collect your donation. We are trying to limit the number of people coming into the building to protect our most vulnerable guests. Just call (406) 529-5643 and a staff person will come outside and meet you.

  3. Volunteer in our Soup Kitchen: If you are healthy and not in a high-risk category related to COVID-19, we could use your help in the soup kitchen. One of our top priorities is to keep the soup kitchen running and we are focusing all of our volunteer efforts there. Please sign up for a kitchen shift today.

Thank you for supporting some of our most vulnerable neighbors during this time of need.

Our sincere thanks,

The Poverello Team