I need help.

Diana, 66

Originally from western Montana, Diana has spent the majority of her life between Idaho and Montana. She moved to Missoula six years ago, and after renting a room from a male friend didn’t work out, she starting camping outside the city limits. When asked how long she’d been homeless, Diana replied:

“I’m not homeless! I’ve got a camp [outside of town]. I’ve been living in the camp for five years. I guess if you ask me how long I’ve been homeless: five years—but I’m not homeless!”

At the time this photograph was taken, it was January and easily thirty degrees below during the night. Diana had come into the Poverello Center to get out of the cold for a few days, but she prefers to be outside at her camp “with the squirrels and the trees.”

Diana’s voice:

I wish… [That] from February on I’ll be able to make sure that I keep a few hundred dollars in [my savings account] and then by May I’ll have enough money to get a used trailer; a new home.”

I look forward to… “Getting my trailer. Being back in my [camp] again. Having my own space; peace and quiet.”

My favorite thing about the Poverello Center is… “Jesse [the Kitchen Manager] is a very good cook. One of my favorite things [at the Pov] is his cooking. And volunteering in the clothing room.”

“[The Poverello Center] is a really great place for people who really, really need it.”