I need help.

Poverello Center Missoula, Montana

Dane, 54

Raised in a military family, Dane was born in Florida, but doesn’t consider any particular place home.

“I was basically raised transient from day one. That’s how [military] life is. No roots, no roots anywhere, really.”

At one point in his life, Dane had owned a car shop in El Paso, TX. He operated the shop for seventeen years—the longest he has ever been sedentary—until he started having back pain and the call to travel became impossible for him to ignore:

“I started selling things off and giving things away, and moved on from there.”

Dane’s voice:

I wish… “Not really much for a wish; I take one day at a time. There’s really no wishes . I see what’s going on—I mean the country is collapsing and coming down. So I guess…I wish that I just keep my own sanity together. You know, if I have to live in homeless shelters to do it—I don’t care.”

I look forward to… “Not really a whole lot. I really don’t look that far, ever. One day at a time. See, I’m into Zen meditation; those kinds of life styles. It keeps me together more than anything. And in this day and age it makes even more sense to live spiritually. That’s my future: my own spirituality and keeping myself right before God. And here again, if I have to live in a homeless shelter to do it, then so be it.”

My favorite thing about the Poverello Center is… “You know, I’d have to say mostly the fact that [the staff] tend their business and I tend mine. They’re not trying to bend my will to theirs.”

“I know a lot of people here aren’t into [spirituality], but it keeps my head and my heart together. Being out on the street you have to have a good head on your shoulders; no one looks out for you.”