I need shelter.

Amy, 27

Amy grew up on a ranch in western Montana. She has been living in Missoula for seven years.

Amy’s struggle with drugs began during her early twenties. Amy temporarily lost custody of her oldest son, Layne. By the time Amy’s next son, Sawyer, was born, Amy had fought off her addictions and was reunited with Layne.

Amy enrolled in college at the University of Montana to first study culinary arts, and then accounting. While in school, Amy and her family lived in student housing, but when school didn’t work out as Amy had planned, she found herself unable to afford rent and unable to pay bills. Amy had nowhere to turn.

Amy and her family became homeless.

Amy’s voice:

I wish… “To have a good-paying job”.

I look forward to… “Having a good-paying job and having fun with my family”.

My favorite thing about the Joseph Residence… “Is getting to know [the other families] and hearing their stories; getting to know how much we have in common [with each other]”.

“Thanks to the community for their support [of the Joseph Residence].”