Pumpkins for the Pov Harvest


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Pumpkins for the Pov begins Oct. 1 to support Poverello Food Programs



Sarah Penix – Communications Coordinator

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Missoula, MT – The Poverello Center is kicking off its fall fundraiser, Pumpkins for the Pov, on October 1st.  Supporters can purchase locally-grown, organic $10 pumpkins at sale locations around Missoula to help provide food, shelter, help and hope to all who ask. 

On Sunday, September 26th, more than 40 volunteers and Poverello employees will harvest about 3,000 organic pumpkins just north of town at 10515 Waldo Williams Rd from noon to 3:30pm. Blackfoot Communications is the primary sponsor of the event, and will provide lunch to volunteers.

The pumpkins will be available Friday, October 1st  for purchase at our sale locations: the Good Food Store at 1600 S 3rd St W, Rattlesnake Market at 2501 Rattlesnake Dr., YMCA Missoula at 3000 S Russell St, Imagine Nation Brewery at 1151 W Broadway St, The Trough at 2106 Clements Rd, and Parkside Credit Union Locations at 320 W Broadway St, 4055 Brooks St, and 2300 Great Northern Ave.

 Blackfoot Communications is the main sponsor of Pumpkins for the Pov.

“Pumpkins for the Pov is a family-friendly event designed to raise awareness and funds for the Poverello Center Food Programs as we enter the harsh winter season,” Poverello Executive Director Jill Bonny said. “The purchase of one pumpkin provides 10 sack lunches to those in need.  Pumpkins for the Pov is a way for all of us to give a hand and have fun at the same time.”

For more than 40 years, the Poverello Center has provided a necessary safety net of food and shelter for people in and around Missoula who face hunger and homelessness. Visit pumpkinsforthepov.org to learn more.