People of the Pov: Growth Edition

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Missoula Gives: HOT Donations

Imagine, for a moment, how challenging the past two years have been for individuals experiencing unsheltered houselessness. Not only is it incredibly difficult to seek proper, socially distanced shelter, but many of the organizations in place to help these individuals have reduced their services or closed their doors to the public all together.

The Poverello Center Homeless Outreach Team addresses this gap in services. Every day, team members meet individuals experiencing unsheltered houselessness where they are. They provide basic necessities including gear, food and water, and help individuals connect with community resources, such as case management and housing assistance. Since its inception in 2013, HOT has met with more than 120 individuals per year experiencing unsheltered houselessness, conducting thousands of interactions to ensure that some of Missoula’s most vulnerable residents’ basic needs are met year round.

On Friday, May 6th, the Poverello Center will participate in Missoula Gives to raise funds in support of the Homeless Outreach Team.

YOU can get involved and help this cause by visiting, registering to be a Fundraiser, and sharing Poverello Missoula Gives content on Facebook and Instagram!

By signing up to fundraise for Poverello Center’s Missoula Gives campaign, you will get access to your own personal giving platform webpage. Follow the directions in the Fundraiser Guide on for step by step instructions on editing the webpage and effectively sharing your unique story!

This is an easy way to express what the Poverello Center means to you. You can spend as little as five minutes typing up why this work is important to you, and it will have a major impact on spreading the word for our fundraiser.

The work we do at the Poverello Center is made possible through the aid of supply and fiscal donations. Because we operate solely on donations, getting supplies to people who need it most relies on your generosity. For example, the Homeless Outreach Team would not have necessary financial resources if it were not for the generous donations from our community. Donations not only keep Poverello Center programs running, they also help keep people alive and get housed. Thank you for partnering with the Pov!

A Letter from Jill

Spring has sprung and so has one of the most exciting times of the year at the Poverello Center!

In the next few months, we will tell the story of the Poverello Center through Missoula Gives on May 5-6th and the second annual Picnic for the Pov on July 13th.

These events are crucial to supporting the work we do all year round. We will be highlighting the work of the Homeless
Outreach team and the Veteran Services Team and asking our generous donors to support the work we do with people experiencing houselessness or living unsheltered.

I look forward to sharing program stories with you, and continuing our strategic work to combat houselessness in Missoula throughout the season.

Thank you for your continued help and support in providing food, shelter, help and hope to all who ask.

Support Veteran Services: Picnic for the Pov

The Poverello Center Veteran Services Program helped more than 55 veterans gain stability in 2021.

From Housing Montana Heroes to our collaboration with the Missoula Housing Authority at Valor House, our Veterans Services team works hard every day to make sure veterans experiencing houselessness can get housed and stay housed through an array of supportive services.

On Wednesday, July 13th, 2022, the Poverello Center will hold our second annual Picnic for the Pov to raise funds in support of the Veteran Services Program. We will gather at Ogren Park at Allegiance Field (Home of the Missoula Paddleheads, former home of the Missoula Osprey) from 5:30PM to 7PM with nearly 200 Missoula community leaders to share the importance of the Veteran Services Program and invite attendees to support our work.

Curious how you can help support Missoula veterans this spring? The Poverello Center is hosting Picnic for the Pov to raise funds for our Veteran Services Program this year.

For every $5,000 raised, the Poverello Center is able to ensure wrap-around resources to one veteran, taking veterans in Missoula through transitional housing and supportive programming all the way up to stable housing and employment. We hope that you will find how the value of our Veteran Services Program truly benefits the entire Missoula community, and the country.

Please contact Communications Coordinator Sarah Penix at or (406) 541-2014 to learn more about getting involved and attending the picnic in July!

Volunteer Spotlight: Seedlings for Solidarity

As springtime begins, Poverello Center staff, volunteers, and Seedlings for Solidarity members collaborate in order to make a special summertime dream a reality: luscious vegetation in all of the raised beds in the 1110 W Broadway Courtyard.

Seedlings 4 Solidarity is an anti-hunger, food sovereignty mutual aid project based in Missoula that began in 2021. Their
mission is to promote the movement to localize Montana’s food system with community members facing food insecurity at the Poverello Center.

Last May, Seedlings 4 Solidarity members helped Poverello Center staff and volunteers make the raised beds bloom in the Emergency Shelter courtyard.

Plants for the garden were donated by Pipilow Native Plants, Pink Grizzly, Great Bear Natives, Hitchcock Tree Removal, and Full Bushel Farm. Garden City Compost contributed more than 10 cubic meters of soil to the project, and collaboration brought the raised beds to life.

Seedlings leaders worked with the Poverello’s Volunteer and Food Programs Manager Zac Mauldin as well as fellow volunteers and
native plant experts Amy of Full Bushel Farms and Ylva Lekberg to coordinate strategic and enriching greenery around the outside of the W. Broadway building.

This year, plans are underway to recreate the enriching garden beds with the help of volunteers and the Poverello Center’s facilities maintenance team through donations from PEAS Farm and Seedlings for Solidarity.

Please consider volunteering at the Pov to make an impact and support the Missoula community. Contact our volunteer services team at or via the volunteer portal on the Poverello Center website for details.

Planned Giving: Lasting Legacy

You. Family. Community.

Your legacy priorities for yourself, family, and community can be reflected in a simple will or trust. If your priorities change over time, so can your will or trust. A legacy gift doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. It can look many different ways, and the Poverello Center is committed to supporting you in this process. What’s important is that your will or trust reflects your story, and what is meaningful to you and the people and places you love.

What can having a will in place mean to your family? Poverello Center supporter, John Hess, shared about a recent gift to the Pov from his mother’s estate:

“The goal was to not only be helpful to the population served but to also bring cheer and encouragement to the staff and board in their work,” John said. “Gifts given are measurable. The consequences of the intent and goodness of gifts given are immeasurable. As the money is used, we don’t know the lives it will touch and the stories it will tell. But, because we know where the money came from and what it cost, we know it will be meaningful and of value.”

To learn more about how you can leave a legacy of help and hope for Missoula’s houseless and hungry neighbors, please contact  Sarah Raz at or (406) 532-6686. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your trusted advisors for each step of your planned giving journey. If you have included the Poverello Center in your estate plans, we would appreciate you letting us know so we can share our thanks and talk to you about recognition opportunities in a legacy society we are establishing.

On behalf of all those served and serving the Poverello Center, thank you. The work we do at the Poverello Center is made possible through the aid of donations, now and into the future. Thank you for joining us in providing food, shelter, help and hope to Missoulians facing hunger and houselessness.

Poverello Center ~ 1110 W Broadway St., Missoula, MT, 59802 ~ EIN 23-7439391

A Letter from Jesse

Dear Wonderful Poverello Supporters,

On August 6th, 2018 I walked through the doors of the Poverello Center for the first time as the new Director of Development & Advocacy. I was excited because I knew that I was getting a chance to work with an amazing team of people who were working on one of the most challenging issues our community faces.

I have learned so much in the past three and a half years.

I have learned about the amazing resilience, creativity, and determination of the clients the Poverello Center serves has I have watched them figure out how to navigate out of the most traumatic situations in their lives into stable and thriving new lives. Or, as they have shown that same resilience, creativity, and determination as they figure out how to just stay alive another day.

I have learned from my co-workers at the Pov who amaze me every day as they tackle one challenging situation after another with grace and goodwill. From the big challenges, like sewage floods and global pandemics, to the more everyday challenges of comforting someone during a mental health crisis to making sure someone has a warm sleeping bag to use that night, the Poverello staff have come to work every day focused on our mission and ready to do the hard work of providing food, shelter, help, and hope to all who ask.

And, I have learned so much from all the amazing people who support the Poverello Center with your time and money. Through floods, pandemics, and an ongoing housing crisis, you all have been there for the Poverello Center every time we have asked for help. At its core, Missoula is a generous community who cares deeply about our most vulnerable neighbors. Missoulians see someone walking down the street with all of their belongings, or living in a tent along a bike lane, and almost always the reaction is how can I help. During my time at the Poverello Center I have received that phone call countless times from one of you asking how you can make a difference. I am continually humbled by it, thank you!

On March 29, 2022, I officially signed off as Director of Development & Advocacy. Though I am sad to be leaving the amazing team at the Poverello Center, I am also very excited about my next adventure. Eight years ago when my family moved back to Missoula some friends recommended that I go check out Home Resource. I instantly fell in love with the organization’s creative take on addressing climate change through reducing waste and reusing building materials. I became an avid shopper, then a regular volunteer, and then finally served on the board for 6 years. Starting March 30th I get to go there every day as their new Director of Programs.

Before I go I have one last ask for you. On my last day at the Poverello Center I signed my family up to become a monthly donor to the Pov. I did this because, like no other organization I have fundraised for, have I seen more of a direct impact for every dollar raised here. Every dollar that gets invested in the Poverello Center is almost instantly deployed to make sure our most vulnerable neighbors have food, shelter, help, and hope. There is a direct link to the gifts we give to someone finding housing for the first time in 20 years, or getting a nutritious meal, or having a warm place to sleep on a cold winter night.

So here is my last ask as the Poverello Center’s Director of Development & Advocacy, if you are not already a monthly donor, join me in becoming one. Go to the Pov website to become a monthly donor online today!

Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to support the Poverello Center!

Jesse Jaeger