Join us for Community UNite, July 8th, 5pm!

As the Poverello Center is preparing to be a part of the Northside KettleHouse Community UNite series on July 8th, we are reflecting on how thankful we are to be a part of the Missoula community. We appreciate being involved with such a kind and generous city; we know how fortunate we are. People donate food to our pantry and kitchen. They donate much needed toilet paper, towels, and blankets. People give money so that we can exist and they give their time so that we can run smoothly. It is not just the people in Missoula who are so generous, but local businesses as well.

We recently participated in United Way’s Day of Action and were privileged to work with Missoula Federal Credit Union. They helped all day! In the morning they went out and picked up trash in the community and in the afternoon they cleaned and organized our shelter. There are many businesses, like KettleHouse Brewing Company, who routinely host nights supporting non-profits; where a portion of their revenue on a given night is donated to a Missoula organization. The support and generosity of Missoula is overwhelming. From the people to the businesses we are honored to be here. Thank you Missoula! We value everything you have given us and look forward to seeing you on July 8th for our Community UNite event.