Giving Tuesday


You can feel the buzz of just how busy it is at the Poverello Center these days. Almost every seat is taken in the dining room or the dayroom at all times and at mealtime, there is often a line out the door.

Winter weather has come early this year and the Pov is now running an off-site overnight emergency shelter at the Salvation Army to be able to have space for everyone who is seeking shelter. Our #1 goal right now is helping people survive through these cold temperatures.

In November of last year, we were providing emergency shelter to about 165 people a night on average. This year, that average is up to 186 people staying with us each night, including one night when 211 people stayed either at the Poverello Center or the Salvation Army.

The holiday season is a hard time to be homeless. Our staff and volunteers are putting in extra effort to spread as much cheer as possible to our guests. A few days ago, I watched as a longtime volunteer sat and listened to one of our guests as he talked about his mother who had recently died in an accident. And last Thursday, we served over 700 meals to people who had nowhere else to go for Thanksgiving.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a nationwide celebration of giving back to our communities. Donate Today!

Elise Watts,

Shelter Manager, The Poverello Center