Providing food, shelter, help, and hope to Missoula, Montana’s homeless and underserved.


Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Each year, they provide 9000 hours of service that make it possible to open our doors to men and women living in poverty. People are driven to volunteer for many reasons and we look forwarding to getting to know each and everyone one of them.


Prior to volunteering prospective volunteers will be interviewed to determine compatibility.

This process ensures that you have the best experience possible when at the facility. Following this interview, volunteers attend an orientation and food safety class.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 406-532-6682 or fill out our application here.

Large Groups

Due to limited space, group sizes are limited to 10 people or less at one time. This will ensure that members of your group are consistently busy while volunteering. We can accommodate larger groups with advance notice and special planning. To schedule a large group please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 406-532-6682 at least two weeks in advance or fill out our application here.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • KITCHEN: Food Prep: M-Sun 8-11am Food Serve: Lunch: M-Sun 11:00am-1:45 pm Dinner: M-Sun 5:00-6:30 pm
  • PANTRY: This is the Pov’s version of a food bank. Sorting: Mon-Fri shift 10am-12pm and Distribution: M-Sun shift 1-2:30 pm
  • CLERICAL: Help enter data, file papers, edit brochures, and so much more
  • INTAKE DESK: Assist clients with mail, phone, messaging, and other basic needs
  • COMPUTER LAB: Helping residents increase their knowledge of basic computer functions, how to use software, and the ins & outs of navigating the internet

Other Ways to get Involved

  • Participate in “Spare a Square” by organizing a toilet paper drive
  • Make cards or artwork for our dining room
  • Knit warm hats or bring in socks for our clients during cold weather months
  • Invite the Pov to do outreach at your church, school, or community event
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