Welcome to the Poverello Center, Inc.
Serving our neighbors since 1974.

The Poverello Center, Inc., an award winning 501(c)(3) organization, advocates for and provides a multitude of services to address and improve the health, well-being, and stability of the homeless and underserved within Missoula. The Poverello Center, Inc. operates three separate programs addressing the diverse needs of the Missoula community:

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Ryman Street Emergency Shelter

The Ryman street facility provides shelter for up to one hundred homeless men and women a night; serves 100,000 hot meals annually along with operating a food pantry seven days a week; offers resource and referral services for clients addressing immediate needs; and collaborates with Partnership health services to address mental and physical health of clients.

Approximately 300-350 Missoulians utilize the available services each and every day.

Please visit the Help Build Hope page for information, updates, and ways you can help the Poverello Center, Inc. build a new facility to better serve the Missoula community.

Homeless Outreach Services

The Homeless Outreach Team seeks to serve and engage the shelter resistant homeless within the wider Missoula community, provide opportunities for community education on homelessness, and constructive approaches for residential and organizational interactions with homeless men and women.

The Valor House

The Valor House program provides transitional housing and supportive services for up to 17 homeless Veterans. Residents are able to remain the program for up to two years while addressing the necessary steps and goals allowing Veterans to secure stable long-term housing.